Instant Help and Support for your Business

When you need support for your business, we understand the need for a quick turnaround. SAITEC's Support Services are geared to fast response times. To see how efficient your business processes can be, talk to our support staff today.

No more wasting time and effort

Any issues that need solving, can be solved without hassles. All you need to do is make a single phone call or simply log on to our chat support system. At SAITEC we deliver:

  • Multi-Store Data Centralization for efficient data management
  • Customized Report Modules for all relevant information available at your fingertips
  • Highly Trained Tech Support team for effective problem solving
  • Immediate Phone Support with no delays
  • Online Remote Access Support – just log on and talk
  • Email support for maximum efficiency
  • Web Manual for re-training and knowledge dissemination
  • Process Demo with Introduction
  • Sales Department:
  • Sales Phone: 800-221-8396 Ext. 1
  • Support :
  • Support Phone: 800-221-8396 Ext. 2
  • General Inquiry:


“Saitec solutions, as a company have been innovative and technologically updated and knowledgeable. Rutvij, has been….”

Amrish Vyas /Spokesperson / AARA of MD


“I want to thank you for all your assistance and expert service you have provided MJB Enterprises since our inception in late June 2011. Screening all of our checks and verifying the validity of the checks we cash has been invaluable to the daily operation of our business. Your technical ability and troubleshooting has quickly resolved issuesas we have added products to our POS system and asked for changes to meet these changes...”