IT Consulting Solution

IT Consulting Solution

Every business needs systems to grow. IT Systems especially, can be made cost efficient and provide robust infrastructure for expansion of businesses in the long term. When you need a vendor who not only understands IT but also how a small business functions and the budgets associated with the business – talk to SAITEC.

Why spend more when you can get what you need for less

SAITEC has helped small business establish their business through implementation of key IT systems. We also deliver an array of IT Consulting services that include system integration, networking and repair. Take a look at the service we are known for:

  • Computer Networking Services
    • LAN (Local Area Networking) design, implementation and maintenance
    • Server and network integration
    • Validation and verification of all systems on your network
    • Boost and maintain efficient performance of all systems
    • Technical expertise to deliver quick results
  • Fully interactive sites with database management
  • E-commerce and shopping cart integration for simpler checkout
    • Hardware installation and replacement
    • Virus / Spyware removal
    • Software installation
    • Implementation of Network Infrastructure (wireless systems, routers, switches)
    • Operating System installation and reinstallation

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“Saitec solutions, as a company have been innovative and technologically updated and knowledgeable. Rutvij, has been….”

Amrish Vyas /Spokesperson / AARA of MD


“I want to thank you for all your assistance and expert service you have provided MJB Enterprises since our inception in late June 2011. Screening all of our checks and verifying the validity of the checks we cash has been invaluable to the daily operation of our business. Your technical ability and troubleshooting has quickly resolved issuesas we have added products to our POS system and asked for changes to meet these changes...”