Check Cashing Solution

Features of SmartNcash 3.0

SmartNcash 3.0 is an innovative Check Cashing Solution that helps Money Service Business to minimize the risk factor in Check Cashing, Money Order processing, and Money Transmissions with easy, fast and efficient business environment. SmartNcash 3.0 is proven 100% Compliant with BSA and Patriot Act Compliance.

  • ID Image - Optical ID scanning
  • Customer picture capture
  • Fingerprint Validation – Biometrics
  • Multiple Employee Level Security
  • Customer picture capturing on every transaction
  • Integrated Payroll Processing
  • Networking and Store Centralization solution
  • Maker/Customer Wise Check Cashing/ History
  • Multi-user/Multi-drawer Capability
  • Collections Module
  • Integrated Point-of-Sale solution for goods and services
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Advanced Money Transfer Features
    • Each transaction process verifies last 30 days transaction by sender and receiver.
    • Highly active to keep track of suspicious activities by tracking Senders and Receivers information
  • Auto Generates Money Order Log above $3000.00
  • Detailed and multi tracking Reporting Wizard

Services by SmartNcash 3.0

OFAC Verification/ ID Verification Provides USA PATRIOT ACT and OFAC compliance software solution.
Integrated Bank Verification Service. Verifies the status of maker’s bank account. It verifies Checks in real time which helps to reduce the amount of BAD CHECKS.
CTR/SAR e-Filing Service Allows user to file e-copy of CTR/SAR directly to IRS at the same time of transaction.
Network Verification Service Allows user to share and retrieve BAD check and BAD customer information by at the time of transaction.
Government – Social Security Verification Verifies customer information by their SSN# to get Correct detail such as First Name, Last name and Location.
U.S. Treasury Check Verification Service Verifies Check details and shows that the check is issued by U.S. Treasury Department or not.
Reverse Phone Verification Service Verifies customer information by their Phone# to get Correct detail such as Owner’s Name, Address, Cell number and current/ historical information.


“Saitec solutions, as a company have been innovative and technologically updated and knowledgeable. Rutvij, has been….”

Amrish Vyas /Spokesperson / AARA of MD


“I want to thank you for all your assistance and expert service you have provided MJB Enterprises since our inception in late June 2011. Screening all of our checks and verifying the validity of the checks we cash has been invaluable to the daily operation of our business. Your technical ability and troubleshooting has quickly resolved issuesas we have added products to our POS system and asked for changes to meet these changes...”