Services by SmartNcash 3.0

OFAC Verification/ ID Verification Provides USA PATRIOT ACT and OFAC compliance software solution.
Integrated Bank Verification Service. Verifies the status of maker’s bank account. It verifies Checks in real time which helps to reduce the amount of BAD CHECKS.
CTR/SAR e-Filing Service Allows user to file e-copy of CTR/SAR directly to IRS at the same time of transaction.
Network Verification Service Allows user to share and retrieve BAD check and BAD customer information by at the time of transaction.
Government – Social Security Verification Verifies customer information by their SSN# to get Correct detail such as First Name, Last name and Location.
U.S. Treasury Check Verification Service Verifies Check details and shows that the check is issued by U.S. Treasury Department or not.
Reverse Phone Verification Service Verifies customer information by their Phone# to get Correct detail such as Owner’s Name, Address, Cell number and current/ historical information.

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My name is khush Bhuller. I have the check cash software from SAITECH SOLUTIONS since 2008. They have very professional and excellent customer service. I recommend their services to all the check cashers.
If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 7032571059.

Khush Bhuller