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Company Profile
Saitec Solutions (USA), Inc. was founded in 2009 by professionals with in-depth experience in financial services, enterprise data management & system design. The Saitec team envisioned a better way for institutions to operate using relational database technology to promote more dynamic customer relationships & legal compliance. Our relational technologies provide ability to offer new products and services to better compete in today’s ever-changing market environment.

Saitec is a supplier of integrated Point of Sale (POS) solutions and web applications, offering services to small, medium and large businesses. We also provide consulting services by helping companies to recognize opportunities by using technologies to streamline their business processes.

A solid experience of successful POS implementation in the retail businesses, professionalism of the consultants, as well as the application of self-manufactured Saitec POS is the key components that guarantee success of your POS operations. Constant growth and expansion of its client network ensured Saitec’s popularity on the global market. At the moment, this network works with great number of clients. We deploy with complete training along with process instruction guide for the provided solutions which allows our clients to carry out successfully business operations using the experience and knowledge provided by Saitec solutions. These tools are packaged into our full suite of products and services that provide our customers with quick and concise information that accurately reflects the risk on a transaction. We are dedicated to develop cost effective products and real-time software services that allow our customers to confidently offer the best services and in so doing reach the highly lucrative consumer segment.

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My name is khush Bhuller. I have the check cash software from SAITECH SOLUTIONS since 2008. They have very professional and excellent customer service. I recommend their services to all the check cashers.
If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 7032571059.

Khush Bhuller